Operational Reporting and Data Integration Case Study

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Written by Ashley Dameron

October 30, 2020

Operational Reporting and
Data Integration Case Study


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InfoSync clients understand the power of intelligent data to make strategic decisions and drive growth. Key performance indicators and insights help business leaders see the bigger picture.  Obtaining and normalizing this data is difficult when data is sourced from many systems and brands.

In this case study, one of InfoSync’s clients discusses how InfoSync’s Operational Reporting services allows them to easily gather the information they need when acquiring additional restaurants, and how InfoSync’s expertise helps streamline the Franchisee’s reporting processes and help make sense of the data.   


When our client, a Pizza Hut franchisee, acquired 4 restaurants from his father in 1998, his plan was to grow his restaurant base and be a restaurant industry leader. As he began to acquire more Pizza Hut restaurants, he needed to be able to see and understand the data and information from his restaurants quicker in order to better manage and control his business. His management team began researching options, looking for a solution that could easily integrate with their finance-accounting and payroll processes and provide the reporting needed to manage their business.

The Solution:

In 2007 at 35 restaurants, our partnership began, with InfoSync delivering operational reporting and data integration services to the Pizza Hut franchisee.  InfoSync gathers the data from their point-of-sale/back-of-house systems and provides data to their accounting and payroll applications, and also delivers reports built specifically for their needs. These reports are delivered through our web-based portal – RightViewWeb. 

“That is the beauty of InfoSync and RightViewWeb. If you give their team the specs and say ‘here is the layout of what I need for our payroll system’, or if you took a weekly sales analysis and said, ‘here is the info I need for my journal entry’, they will build it exactly how you need it and drop the .csv file right there in RightViewWeb.” Says the CFO. She went on, stating, “This gives us the ability to export the data and upload it into our system the way we need.”

InfoSync’s Operational Reporting package includes standard reports tailored to the restaurant industry including sales, labor, cost of sales, speed of service, menu mix, loss prevention and Power BI dashboards. However, we understand every business has varied needs, so we offer to build custom reports to fit the client’s processes and specific needs.

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The Journey:

Operational Reporting not only offers valuable insight into the business, it saved the Franchisee hours of time.

The CFO stated, “When I first started, we were getting green ledger paper inventory and a sales analysis that was printed out and we would make manual journal entries.  You’re not going to grow the business doing that and you’re going to make many errors. That’s where InfoSync came into the picture. They totally sold me on what they could do and they’ve held up their end of the bargain.”  “Yesterday, I was working on a project that required a ton of data over a long period of time. The InfoSync team said ‘Ok, tell me exactly what you need and we’ll see what we can do.’ Within minutes, they had sent me the file. It would have taken me days to cut and paste the data I needed out of all of the spreadsheets, and they did it in 5 minutes.”

The CFO also spoke to the partnership between InfoSync and the Franchisee company.

“I think that the reason InfoSync is such a great partner for us is the answer is never no. If we want to see something a certain way, or if we think of a report we need, the InfoSync team will say ‘let me look at it and see how we get the best data that’s useful to you.’”  “We look at the data all of the time. We may be looking at a report and trying to reason something, and we may call InfoSync and say, ‘this is what I’m seeing and what I think it means, but what do you see?’ and they may have a totally different perspective. I appreciate that opinion and partnership.”

The Outcome:

Our Operational Reporting solution has helped our Franchisee see the bigger picture, but the industry insight and years of experience are what sets InfoSync apart from other outsourcing providers. Today, this Pizza Hut Franchisee owns over 120 restaurants across multiple brands, all of them benefiting from data integration services and operational reporting solutions powered by InfoSync.  We continuously work with this Franchisee team to deliver the tools and solutions they request as new needs arise.

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