Payroll and Benefits – Pizza Hut Franchisee Case Study

Payroll for Pizza Hut Franchisee

Written by Ashley Dameron

October 30, 2020

Payroll and Benefits
Pizza Hut Franchisee Case Study


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Business leaders are experts in running the operations of the business they invest in, but not necessarily in performing administrative tasks relevant to accounting or payroll. Successful business leaders understand that in order to achieve overall goals and objectives, they must invest in quality talent and technology, building an infrastructure to efficiently operate essential administrative duties. Thus was the case for one of InfoSync’s clients, a Pizza Hut Franchisee.


    A small group of investors decided to purchase over 100 Pizza Hut restaurants. But they didn’t have the team to support the in-house operations needed to successfully operate 100+ locations. They knew they needed a talented accounting and payroll team and advanced tools and technology, but they needed a solution that didn’t require hiring, training, and managing a full in-house staff or investing in expensive software and data systems. Making the decision to outsource their business processes, the group partnered with InfoSync.

    The Solution:

    By partnering with InfoSync and outsourcing their payroll and benefits processes, this group was able to focus on their restaurant operations without having to worry about the time and expense of building an in-house administrative (accounting payroll) staff. InfoSync provided a team of experts who performed these needed services, working as an extension of the franchisee’s team.

    “We are not experts in payroll. So why would we want to go out and build a platform to support 100 restaurants when we could invest that money into our operations and customers?” says the franchisee, adding that location also plays a huge role in labor costs. “For us, being on the west coast, we are in a very high wage market. So, for us to be able to have the talent we need for payroll, outsourcing is more cost effective. InfoSync has the talent and the enterprise IT resources and platforms, based in the Midwest, so we’re not having to make that investment on the west coast, which would be exponentially more expensive in our higher wage market.”

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    The Outcome:

    Because the Pizza Hut Franchisee outsourced their payroll and benefits, they were able to focus on what they do best, operating and growing their restaurants. Instead of spending time and money on infrastructure, they were able to invest in marketing, training programs for employees, and other assets that helped shape a better customer experience. And they do it all with a core team of 5 leaders, their CEO, Finance Director, HR director, and two supporting HR staff.

    Not only did the franchisee gain the expert payroll team they needed, InfoSync also provided leading enterprise-level HRIS technology.

    “As a large franchisee, we would have never been able to invest in this kind of enterprise-level HRIS platform. Because we have access to this technology through InfoSync, we are able to bring self-service and much more to our employees. They are able to access their paychecks, W-2’s, and make changes to their employee file online in real time.”

    Outsourced benefits and HRIS also saved the franchisee and its employees a large amount of time and effort during open enrollment each year.

    “Our open enrollment process is very efficient. We’re not putting packages together and distributing them to employees, and employees aren’t thumbing through pages of benefits material, filling out forms, and turning them in. Employees can go online to view benefit plan options tailored specifically to the employee, and quickly select the benefits they choose to enroll in. This open enrollment process has provided an 80% time savings for our staff because we don’t have the paperwork we used to have. That time savings is 100% driven by the HRIS platform powered by InfoSync.”

    To the Future:

    As an InfoSync client, the Pizza Hut Franchisee has been able to easily scale their operations as needed during growth and acquisitions, but also during periods of downsizing. The InfoSync services and pricing model made the scalability much easier for these restaurant operators.

    This Pizza Hut Franchisee continues to be a valued InfoSync client. As we look to the future, we are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent customer service and innovative solutions that help companies like this franchisee operate successful businesses.

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