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Operational Reporting & BI 

for the Restaurant Industry.

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Is the lack of clear data keeping you in the dark?

Are you getting the actionable information you need from your point of sale and back office systems?

  • Dealing with time-consuming data imports from multiple systems?
  • Wondering if the numbers you are seeing tell the whole story?
  • Unsure how to make your data work for you?

You should be able to rely on data to make strategic decisions and drive growth.

Get industry-leading reporting.
Make informed decisions.

InfoSync’s RightViewWeb operational reporting tool gives you the sales and cost insights you need to make key decisions and maintain control of your operations. Unlike above-store reporting systems that rely primarily on “canned” standard reports, we tailor reports specifically to your unique business needs.

Our Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence feature timely data in reports specific to your needs, so you can identify opportunities, track progress, and measure your success.

Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Standard and Custom Reports
    • Sales, labor, and cost of sales
    • Speed of service
    • Menu mix
    • Loss Prevention
  • Microsoft Power BI enabled P&L dashboard
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Drill through capabilities
  • HTML, Excel, and PDF formats
  • Robust user-specific security and privileges

Trusted by over 100 brands in over 11,000 locations

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Operational Reporting Testimonial

“We look at the data all of the time. We may be looking at a report and trying to reason something, and we may call InfoSync and say, ‘this is what I’m seeing and what I think it means, but what do you see?’ and they may have a totally different perspective. I appreciate that opinion and partnership.”

– InfoSync Client

4 Ways Business Intelligence Identifies Opportunities For You.

At InfoSync, we deploy Microsoft Power BI as part of our Operational Reporting services. BI provides insight and identifies opportunities in the form of graphs, charts, dashboards, and other visual graphics so you can easily see what’s going on with your business. Download this free guide to learn 4 ways BI identifies opportunities for you.