Casual Dining Growth – 20 Stores to 42

Casual Dining Growth

Written by Ashley Dameron

October 30, 2020

Casual Dining – From 20 Stores to 42


Our client, a casual dining chain, already owned multiple restaurants. Working as a small corporate team, they knew they needed to expand their staff and resources to be able to efficiently operate their current locations and increase revenue. InfoSync was able to provide a team to perform accounting, payroll, and reporting for our client. Because InfoSync had already invested in the people and technology to perform these processes, the client had the freedom to focus on business strategy and growth.

As a partner, InfoSync provided an expert team to the client who:

  • Managed and performed accounting and finance
    tasks such as accounts payables and business license administration, bank reconciliation, deposit verification, fixed asset and project cost tracking, and more.
  • Managed and performed basic HR functions such as payroll and payroll tax services, online benefits enrollment, benefits administration, affordable care act compliance, and more
  • Provided IT security and affordable access to leading technology
  • Provided operational reporting through our custom web tool that included loss prevention, sales, labor and cost of sales, speed of service, and a custom dashboard with reports specific to the client’s needs.

Acquisition and Growth

InfoSync provided the infrastructure the client was missing by delivering leading technology and an expert team at a cost-effective rate. This saved the casual dining chain time and money on hiring, training, managing, and retaining an in-house staff while eliminating the need to purchase technology and software.
Our client said, “We outsource almost everything. We have a very small corporate team, so we have eliminated a lot of overhead by outsourcing because we don’t need the office space, and we don’t have a large staff to manage. If we were performing these processes in-house, in our own office, we would have to purchase technology and software and worry about security upgrades and back-up. The fact that Infosync takes care of all of those things for us is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.”
InfoSync worked directly with the client to ensure they were informed without sacrificing large amounts of time in day-to-day operations. Trust and transparency allowed a true partnership to evolve in just a short amount of time.

A Huge Win

“InfoSync is truly an extension of our team. They work directly with us and even our vendors, keeping us very involved and informed. I don’t have to keep up with sales tax changes in a certain city or keep up with minimum wage adjustments. They even handled the new lease accounting standard, so the fact that they stay current and up-to-date on all the changes in the industry is a huge win.”

InfoSync technology allows the client to access needed information on demand, without having to reach out to InfoSync directly. And their knowledge of the industry creates a trusted network among clients.

“InfoSync’s RightViewWeb portal provides information that we can access through the web, so a lot of information I can retrieve myself. And because they are experts in restaurant processes, we can ask them if another client has done something before. Having that knowledge and insight and being able to talk about what other companies are doing in the space has been a huge benefit for us as well.”


Because InfoSync was handling the day-to-day business processes, as well as offering operational reporting and business intelligence, the client was able to focus on strategic planning and business growth. Today, the client now owns 42 casual dining restaurants across multiple locations in the United States.

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