Accounting, Payroll, and Reporting Case Study – 5 Stores to 770

Accounting, Payroll, and Reporting for Quick Service Restaurant

Written by Ashley Dameron

October 30, 2020

5 Stores to 770
Accounting, Payroll, and Reporting


Our Client, a large restaurant franchisee business, began with 5 KFC stores in various locations across the United States. Prior to partnering with InfoSync, this client used a common approach to managing their multi-unit business that included a lot of time overseeing and performing administrative tasks in Accounting, Payroll, and Reporting. With so many stores to manage, our client understood that the ability to grow while keeping business processes in-house would be a large, long term-feat. Knowing that InfoSync was an industry leader in Business Process Outsourcing for restaurants, the client reached out to our team. InfoSync started providing services for this client in 2009 when they had 41 restaurants, and by 2011, the company had grown to 63 restaurants.

Evolving Accounting, Finance, Payroll, and Reporting

Before partnering with InfoSync, our client hired and managed their own team of staff who performed the necessary accounting and payroll functions for multiple stores. Once completing the transition and on-boarding to InfoSync, the client quickly realized the benefit of Business Process Outsourcing. Our teams were able to close books on time at the end of each period, deliver store level and consolidated company P&L statements, balance sheets, and more based on the client’s needs. We were able to automate certain processes, and our operational reporting tool delivered insights and strategic data to the client daily.

One Expert Team

When our client came on board, they gained a specialized accounting and payroll team who understood the needs and requirements of geographically dispersed multi-unit businesses. Our team was able to offer best practices and industry knowledge to help guide our client. Our client says, “ For me, what makes InfoSync valuable as a partner is the people. I value my experience with all of the people I interact with on a daily basis. From the CEO to the controllers, to the AP processors, my relationship with those groups has been an essential part of our partnership. I’ve found the trust, transparency, and responsiveness we each have to one another has been very effective.”

Working closely with the client to keep them in the loop at all times, we were able to successfully take over the tasks that our client and his team had been performing before, saving the client time and money on these business processes. And though many restaurant owner-operators would agree that outsourcing business processes are more economical than hiring, training, retaining, and managing an in-house team, the biggest benefit to the client was the knowledge and expertise they gained. “A smaller owner-operator can’t access the high-quality talent that InfoSync provides. They’re never going to be able to hire a controller or processor or accountant with the expertise that an InfoSync employee brings to the table. RightViewWeb, UKG Pro, and other tools InfoSync provides aren’t available to those business owners.”


Because the client took advantage of InfoSync, they were able to scale their business and grow rather quickly. When you’re bringing on additional stores with an in-house accounting and payroll staff, you have to hire more employees to accommodate the additional workload. The number of employees to staff a store alone adds a large amount of payroll responsibility. However, with InfoSync as a partner, scaling is much easier because you’re working with a team of people who are already in place, know you well, and understand your specific business needs. Our client came to us with 63 stores. Today, they now own over 770, and are continuing to grow.


Many owner-operators who are new to the industry may prefer a more hands-on approach to all sides of their business. But how does building a financial reporting package or building an accounts-payable process help sell more product? InfoSync has already taken the time to build these processes so that the owner’s resources can be spent on the consumer experience and not back of house tasks. InfoSync’s vision is to power people, enabling them to maximize their success. We care about our client’s business goals, and we want to see them succeed. Our teams share in that vision and are deeply invested in their relationships with our clients. That’s what sets us apart from other outsourcing providers. Our deep connection and excellent customer service put our clients on the fast track to reaching their goals.

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